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 STEP 1: Values Discovery 


Employees complete a quick online implicit association exercise to discover their current blind-spots and unconscious attitudes toward your organisation's values.


This is known as their Values Bias, which can have a significant effect on an individual's behaviours, beliefs, and attitudes.

 STEP 2: Values Development 


Each employee receives a personal Values Bias Outline of how their current bias(es) might be impacting: interpersonal & group interactions; strategic & operational decision making abilities; and behaviours at work. 


 Employees embark on a personalised Values Development program, involving brief and regular values-based behavioural change activities, over 12 weeks

These activities are designed to nudge and prompt Values Development by increasing psychological flexibility, shifting unconscious attitudes, and building connected teams grounded in shared values.

 STEP 3: Values Alignment 


Once the Values Development program is completed, each employee retakes the quick implicit association exercise from Step 1 to uncover how their Values Bias(es) have shifted. More importantly, employees can experience how their values-based behaviour change brings greater meaning and purpose into their work

This shared Values Alignment shapes your organisation's culture, improving engagement, retention, and performance. 

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